In 2017 Inner Legend Athletics Founder and CEO Terrell Tinson had the vision to create an athletic apparel brand that not only offered products with superior materials, a premium fit, and incredible functionality but a brand that would also change the scope of how its athletes and anyone wearing the brand would personally connect to its message. Inner Legend Athletics? Yes, I know it's bold! Many people continuously seek inspiration or motivation outside of themselves and Inner Legend Athletics' mission is to provide a constant reminder that allows one to fully understand their inherent greatness, and that everything they will ever need is already within. With the idea of conquering all goals, the brand helps to represent a certain understanding that anyone can become legendary in whatever they choose to do.

Our slogan EMBRACE YOUR LEGEND is more than a slogan but a mindset. Don't run from your fears meet them head-on. Don't be afraid to take on the challenges that ultimately make you stronger. Maximize every moment and you too will achieve more than you ever imagined possible. That legend is there, let's see it.

Terrell Tinson, Founder and CEO of Inner Legend Athletics.